What do you know about tattoo removal and permanent makeup?

Cosa sai riguardo alla rimozione dei tatuaggi e trucco permanente?

The correct term would be pigment lightening, which is a procedure appreciated by a customer, or suggested by an operator in the sector which consists in gradually lightening the tattooed area, and then carrying out a new job on top. It is also a great way to eliminate errors. Which means removal is not necessarily good for removing something bad, but also something that has been tattooed over and over again.

What makes makeup permanent PERMANENT ?

The tattoo process, whether facial or artistic, consists of inserting the pigment under the epidermis, more precisely in the dermis which is the intermediate layer of the skin.
By depositing the pigment in this layer we ensure that the latter will not be absorbed by the subcutaneous tissues, or exfoliated from the epidermis through natural regeneration.

When the pigment/ink is deposited in the dermis, our immune system reacts in the same way as with any other foreign object inserted into the skin, i.e. the lymphatic system tries to eliminate or absorb it.

As time passes, these white blood cells of the lymphatic system slowly eat up the pigment particles, but some of them are so large that they cling to and expel from the skin. Precisely for this reason the customer returns to make adjustments.

Some pigment particles are really very large to be completely absorbed by the lymphatic system, therefore permanent makeup inevitably becomes permanent.
Many times this also depends on the pressure applied, and layers of pigment. The more touch-ups you make, the more permanent the tattoo becomes. Precisely for this reason we must be able to know how to remove and lighten the layers of the skin from pigment.

What types of removal are there?


Abrasion with salt dates back to Greek times and was a kind of torture. The skin was scraped with gauze and salt until the skin was decorticated. This procedure was repeated every 2 days, until the pigment rose to the surface


It involves surgically removing the tattooed skin by cutting it right out. It is carried out when there is no possibility of removing it with other methods. Obviously under total anesthesia. It is the only way to remove all the pigment without leaving residue, but it can cause scarring.


Dermabrasion consists of the use of a device that works like a sort of sandblasting and abrades the layers of the skin causing burning, scarring and blood. Itching, infections etc. Even in this case, the pigment is practically completely removed. But the possibility of having post-treatment scars is really high.


There are liquid solutions based on glycolic or lactic acid that various companies offer. The method is certainly effective, but it can corrode the skin causing ulcers, keloids and hypertrophic scars.

There are also methods such as cryotherapy, but this is also very dangerous and causes scarring.


It is one of the most widespread methods, which consists in breaking the pigment fragments under the skin into micro particles which are then expelled via the lymphatic system (scabs).

The most widespread laser is – Q Switched. Excellent results, but works mostly with dark and older pigments. While the PICO LASER also removes colored pigments, including SKIN TONE, because it manages to fragment the pigment into tiny particles, which facilitate elimination.

However, laser is a very effective and even powerful method, so you need to be careful when applying it to your face, and be careful when dealing with mature and thin skin.


This method is safe, because our body already produces this substance. Usually the product is combined with aloe, and the removal process with saline is very similar to dermopigmentation.

How does it work?

The salt affects the white blood cells and through osmosis helps to get rid of the pigment.

The treatment is very safe if it is carried out correctly, and it is precisely for this reason that I recommend attending the course and not purchasing the product on your own, because otherwise you can make the situation worse, causing scars.

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