My first article on this blog I dedicate to a fundamental part of permanent makeup.

I am mainly addressing beginners in the profession (but I know that there are also "experts" if you can call them that), who neglect the most important part of the treatment - INFORMED CONSENT !

Informed consent is a real document and I even define it as a sort of contract between the operator and the client.

As I already mentioned before, every studio/professional must have one on which the following information must not be missing:

  • Personal data complete with identification document (otherwise it is not valid).
  • Detailed description of the treatment with its possible consequences (allergic reactions and various side effects), as well as questions about the state of health and various contraindications.
  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation. This part must be filled in by you. You must indicate your personal data and the safe place where you will keep the documents.
  • Consent on the publication of photos. ALT! If the customer does not give consent – ​​you cannot publish the photos on social media or share them elsewhere. This rule applies even if the customer's face is not visible, but only part of it.

A paragraph dedicated to the operator where the type of treatment performed, date, pigment or mixture, needles and equipment used are noted!

Furthermore, after years of work and thousands of treatments carried out, I have also included a sort of "treatment delivery", which the client signs for me after the treatment, which confirms the understanding of the healing process, home care, etc.

I will also add other important facts:

Did you know that our National Health System also requires that the batch number of pigments and needles used be attached to the consent?

The informed consent must be kept for approximately 5 years, but your regular customers must “refill” it again approximately every 2 years!

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